When might I need a lawyer?

Be prepared. It could happen to you, a friend, a family member or someone you care for. And when it does, stay in control. Don’t leave it to the police and call centres to try to find some legal help. With briefencounter you can contact a locally available criminal lawyer directly. A lawyer who can be on the case straight away.

You hope it will never happen. But any of us, at any time, could find ourselves accused of committing a crime. Or it could be that the police have been in touch to ask someone to “help with their inquiries”.  Let’s suppose that:

The list is almost endless. And it often happens to people who least expect it. Whether you expect it or not, be ready. If in doubt, contact a lawyer and get help. It costs nothing to get in touch and a lawyer will be happy to give you some free guidance on what to do next.

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