Speeding points vs. harbouring a criminal in your home?

Tamara Ecclestone’s husband, Jay Rutland, recently had charges dropped against him after being accused of helping an individual evade justice.

This prompted us to be asked the question:

‘In law, what is regarded the more serious criminal offence?

  1. Taking speeding points for your partner; or
  2. Hiding a fugitive from justice in your wardrobe while telling the police at your front door that you haven’t seen them’

The answer may surprise you, it’s number one (taking speeding points for your partner).

Why? Because you would be deliberately causing the authorities to go after the wrong person, known as ‘Perverting the Course of Justice’ (up to life imprisonment).

By hiding a fugitive and claiming not to have seen them, you would simply be ‘Assisting an Offender’ (up to 10 years imprisonment). It’s still a serious criminal offence to impede a person’s arrest and prosecution, but you’re not laying a false trail for the authorities to follow.