Plumber jailed after not de-icing his windscreen

A plumber and his wife were late for Sunday lunch on a cold, frosty morning. In his haste, the plumber did not clear anything more than a ‘hole’ in the frosty windscreen of his vehicle. Further down the road, a woman was leading her daughter on a pony.

The plumber did not see the woman and sadly he killed her. He was charged with ‘causing death by dangerous driving’ (up to 14 years imprisonment). This is because if the condition of your vehicle is dangerous as you drive it, it is dangerous driving.

Note: Had the plumber’s wife encouraged her husband to drive with the windscreen still not de-iced, she would have been guilty of aiding and abetting her husband’s dangerous driving.

If the husband has responded “No, we’re not going anywhere until that windscreen has been properly cleared”, the wife might still have been guilty of encouraging her husband to commit a criminal offence. It’s the same principle as you seeing that someone has a knife and saying “go on, stab him” and you saying “no”.