‘Bring me my trainers with the false bottoms…’

Based on a true story…

A young man was arrested for breaching a restraining order, after sending a threatening text to ex-girlfriend number 1. At the police station, he called his current girlfriend to persuade her to confess that she was the one that had sent it.

It turned out that a policeman, with a body worn camera, had filmed him making the call and he was further arrested for attempting to pervert the course of justice. Perhaps not a sensible move, but not unheard of.

However, the plot further developed when he revealed to his lawyer that he had made another phone call to ex-girlfriend number 2 asking her to bring him some cannabis in ‘the trainers with the false bottoms’, as he expected to be kept in custody and could do with the drugs in prison!

The lawyer refused to help him deceive the police (by helping him get the drugs) but as the client did not pursue the act of getting the drugs, the lawyer was able to continue to represent his client.